February Mood Board & Update


This January and February have been such a refreshing change for me in my business. I’m working in a different way than I ever have been before- selling nothing, only a cover page up for my website, and not sharing any artwork on social media. Ever since the beginning (4+ years ago, my strategy has been to be really present on social media, specifically Instagram. It worked for me very well. I was able to build a following and people could see my work. That platform has become more and more challenging and in my opinion, not worth the time for the return that you will get these days. In person networking has been my go-to lately and it works so well. 

I’ve also made a decision to use my time that used to be spent creating the perfect content for Instagram elsewhere. I’ve thought about this a lot. This space was so much more enjoyable for me because I could share what I was actually interested in sharing without any pressure for likes or keeping a cohesive feel to a grid. Nothing takes the fun out of creativity like the pressures of perfectionism for me. As a struggling perfectionist already, I don’t need any more of that in my life. 

I’m excited for some new things I have brewing over here like a site redesign, creative meet-ups, and workshops. I’m moving away from the idea of having an online shop with products in it and possibly just offering custom paintings and graphic design work instead. Instead of offering a bunch of products, I would rather offer more services and workshops (eeeeek that makes me so excited!) Another part of this new site I’m excited about is launching design tutorials here. I’m still figuring out exactly what that will look like but it will be a part of my relaunched blog. One thing I’m really proud of about my business is that everything I know is through working my tush off and researching it. I think the best way to pay it forward after you have learned is to encourage others and teach. 

Stay tuned for more on all of this. I would love to have you all a part of either my online creative community or in person community through workshops and meet-ups.



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