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Photo Credit Studio McGee

Photo Credit Studio McGee

This will be the year of DIY projects for us. We have been making some kitchen plans for a few months now and we are doing it all ourselves (or at least attempting to). There are a few things we will eventually need to hire out but the backsplash, countertops, and refacing/painting of cabinets we will be taking care of. I’m a bit overwhelmed with how little I actually know. So far we have tackled taking out the old sink and installing a new sink, garbage disposal, and faucet. We went with a matte black sink that Nick picked out and I chose a matching faucet from Wayfair. Thankfully Nick is quite handy and after a few days, a couple of problems, and many trips to the hardware store, we had a new sink.

I have a strong sense of what I like but I’m not sure what is doable for the two of us yet. I guess you don’t know until you try (sounds like a disaster in the making right?!). Above, I love the green cabinets but we decided we will be painting our cabinets a dark blueish/grey color. We will be putting in subway tile as a backsplash and open shelving in the dinette area. I love the idea of open shelving but I wanted to keep all of our cabinet space for storage because we aren’t the most organized people in the world so I can only handle keeping a few shelves styled nicely. 

Photo Credit Amber Interiors

Photo Credit Amber Interiors

We have been in the process of painting for a while now. The whole house needed a fresh white wash because I like everything bright and simple and we have a lot of creams and browns right now. I had no idea how tedious painting is or taking down wallpaper. Glad that’s behind us!


The photo above is my kitchen inspiration photo. Like I said above, the cabinets won’t be this dark and I’ve picked out a sleeker pull that I love. I’ll share more of the details as we get closer to doing this part of the project. Right now we are trying to find butcher block counter tops that will work for our space and it has proven to be quite challenging.


I’m excited to dig in and share the process here. I think we are measuring our cabinets tonight for the new cabinet doors! 

If you have any DIY tips or blogs you read, we would gladly take any help we can get!



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