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I’m sooooo so SO excited to share this project with you all!!! Earlier this year (February to be exact) I had the pleasure of working with Stagg Design on their second collection, The Aspen Collection, creating prints for their home decor and textile shop. It’s FINALLY here!!!!



I’m so obsessed with how everything turned out and extremely proud of the work we’ve done together. Jennifer and Jonathan Stagg are the inspiring duo behind Stagg Design and it was such an amazing opportunity to work with them so closely all year (and I’ll be joining their team as their graphic designer WOOHOO!!!) In case you missed it, last month we launched their brand new blog, branding, and website which I also designed. And last week we launched their redesigned Shopify shop, branded and designed by me as well!

Read all about that process here.

This is by far the largest project I’ve ever taken on and it’s the second collection I’ve been blessed to create for them. Here’s a best selling print from the first collection- it’s the Brushstroke Plaid in Ballet Pink!


Design by Sita Montgomery Interiors

The prints in this collection mix and match perfectly with each other and the collections Jen has curated are so dreamy! We created four custom patterns together this time- Brume, Chase Plaid, Anna Floral, and the Olympus Stripe. I fell in love with the idea Jen had to create collections that mix and match together effortlessly (lucky for me, it really makes sense to stick with one designer when that’s your end goal. 😉



One of the best parts of this project (okay there are so many) is that I get to carry my branding out and implement it for the Staggs. It’s a dream come true to be able to see a project through in this way. Usually I hand of the branding when the project is done and hope it is implemented correctly. This is a unique opportunity to get to use the branding I created on a daily basis and create all of their digital collateral for social, email marketing, website updates etc. I’m really passionate about getting on brand and staying there so for me it’s really fun to keep everything tight and aligned with their brand standards across the board.


Here’s the Brume Wallpaper in Dusty Pink I created for this collection in action. THIS PROJECT IS A DREAM…see what I mean. The room below was designed by Jen Stagg!


There is a lot that goes into the process of designing patterns for a collection. I start by getting on the same page of Jen’s vision for the collection via a collaborative Pinterest board and she guides me with ideas, color palettes, and the feel for the entire collection. Then I start painting. This is why I love this project so much- not only do I get to work with my hands in my studio, I also get to work on the computer to refine the patterns and bring them to life. It really marries the two things I love most and the result is so worth all of the time and energy spent perfecting every last detail.

The Anna floral from this collection is my absolute favorite and possibly the most challenging pattern we worked on together. There is just something about the color combos we came up with that are fresh and calming but could make their way into so many spaces. This entire process really challenges me as an artist in the best way. We go through multiple proofing rounds on color and I love getting to work so closely with a designer in another field to truly bring a vision to life. Towards the end of the project we are on video calls every single night, test printing every single day, and then I make the tiniest tweaks to get it just right. It’s the best feeling in the world to see these creations in homes and it’s the project that keeps on giving back to me when these drool worthy images come my way.

You can purchase wallpaper, fabric by the yard, and pillows in various sizes from the new collection over at I can’t wait to see them in your beautiful homes.



I’m Katie, the brand strategist, designer, dreamer, and entrepreneur behind Artful Brands. Dreamy typefaces, clean layouts, and soft color palettes are my love language— but more importantly designing strategic brands that book.


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I’m Katie, the brand strategist, designer, dreamer, and entrepreneur behind Artful Brands. Dreamy typefaces, clean layouts, and soft color palettes are my love language— but more importantly designing strategic brands that book. I believe in creating a life and a business you love, creativity over competition, and designing with equal parts passion and purpose.




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