Sweet, Sweet Summertime


It’s FINALLY summertime here in Minnie!! We’ve been experiencing a ton of rain the past two months and now it’s hot, hot, hot, and everything is gorgeous and green. I’m not a huge outside gal because of my fair skin so I just like to live in the relaxed summer state of mind instead. We are less than a month away from moving out of our apartment and into our home so this June will be a busy month of packing and cleaning UGH! I’ve moved three times in the last five years or so and it never goes smoothly. Any tips would be much appreciated. We are gradually packing up boxes this time and hoping to actually use a moving truck which I’ve never done in the past. 

This summer I would love to read a few books. I just picked up “The Girl on the Train” when Nick and I were at the book store last night and I have a few business books on my list that I’ve been wanting to read for a while. I’ll try to do a round up over here when I get a second. I am not a reader at all but instead of scrolling through Instagram at night, I figure I can knock out a chapter or two and see if that works. I would love to hear what books you’re reading this summer. 

Last night we ate at Burger Jones near Lake Calhoun. Our original plan was to go to the Tin Fish and walk around the lake but after realizing how packed it would be we settled on the next best option. We sat on the patio and I had their vodka lemonade and french fry tower which we love, although it isn’t exactly great for the beach bod. Then we headed to the new Wonder Woman movie which we both did not like despite the great reviews. 

With the change of seasons, I’m going through my wardrobe and looking at filling in the gaps of what I need and what I can get rid of (also doing a lot of purging because we are moving). I’ve been looking for a white boating hat for about two years now and I have yet to pull the trigger on one that I love. I’m also loving this bag trend but I’ll probably just sketch the look instead of buying the bag. Loving these sunnies for summer I grabbed them in mirrored rose gold from the boutique I work at. 

I’m finishing up some larger art projects this month and then hoping to spend some time settling into our home and finding a new routine there. I don’t do well with changes but this is one I’m really looking forward to. We are hoping to throw a nice big backyard house warming party. I love the feel of the one pictured above although I realize Pinterest inspiration and real life expectations are completely different.

Happy June friends! Thanks so much for reading my summer rambles. Ps. I’m having a sale right now in my shop. 25% off everything except custom work.



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