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When I’m not designing art, I like to design pretty much anything. Do you see the issue in this?….What I enjoy doing is working. I made this mood board awhile back when I was redesigning my site and I never got around to blogging it so here it is. I love the feel of this studio space so much. I have been trying to design a space that feels inspiring to me to work in. I currently work out of our two bedroom apartment and the bedroom that is my studio is tiny. It worked fine for awhile but queeni continues to grow and I just do not have enough space to run a business out of our apartment anymore. Nick and I just bought a house and I will have so much more room for my business (!!!!!!!) I’m so excited. This journey just keeps getting better. This new space is going to do amazing things for my business and our life together. I’m hoping to separate work and life a bit more.

The main space I will be working out of is our sun room which has a full wall of windows on two sides of the room. Our current apartment is quite dark. We don’t close until June 30th so I’m unable to share any photos of the future space but I will be sure to share them here when we move in. There are many home projects in my near future (pray for me) and although I may seem to be the type to love that…trust me, I’m not. I’m hoping I can somehow convince Nick to do all of the projects I don’t want to do and then I’ll come in with my magic design wand at the end and put my queeni touch on everything. Wishful thinking. Anyway, here is the inspiration for my future studio! Hopefully I will have an update for you on the actual space later this summer and update the blog on this huge process. Our future home is incredibly beautiful and spacious but just a bit outdated on the interior. We have a pink tiled bathroom from floor to ceiling with brown tiles mixed in…it’s quite the treat.



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