I have been anticipating Spring for what feels like forever. I love fresh starts and spring always feels like a good time to refocus and try new things. What better way to encourage Minnesota to warm up than a little spring to-do list. I’ll probably pick three of these to knock out this spring but I thought I’d share my long list with you!

  1. Learn how to make a citrus salad for springy nights on our deck.

2. Slow my life down and read a Brené Brown book or two curled up in a cozy spot.

3. Master this skinny Marg and host a happy hour with friends.

4. Find the perfect white dress. (I actually already checked this one off my list and I’m wearing it for Easter)

5. Do a Sunday morning donut and coffee run to Bogarts donuts with my guy.

6. Tackle our bedroom decor and finish some around the house projects that I’ve been neglecting all winter.

7. Visit the farmers market and take advantage of their beautiful locally grown flowers.

8. Take a road trip and go sightseeing.

9. Go to a flower garden with my mom.

10. Start making homemade goodies like this granola and start eating a balanced breakfast.

11. Find my spring wardrobe and successfully complete my capsule wardrobe.

12. Learn how to do a natural looking contour.

13. Go on a bike ride.

14. Have a picnic in the park.

15. Many more runs to Milkjam Creamery. (Nick and I tested it out a few weeks ago and the line was out the door and down the block. Ice cream sandwich made with donuts…SO WORTH IT!)

I hope you enjoy your Spring!




  1. Karilyn Ryan says:

    Number 9 for sure, but count me in for a few others too

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