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IMG_0394 IMG_0398 IMG_0403IMG_0405IMG_0391IMG_0408One of the things I’ve tried to really improve on since living with Nick is learning how to cook and preparing meals at home versus going out to eat. We have a bad habit of being lazy and just grabbing food on the way home from work. We both work long days so we’re always looking for a way to make cooking dinners a bit easier. This week we tried out Hello Fresh, a meal delivery service. All of the ingredients are fresh and sent right to your door with the instructions included.

We prepared the Mega Mushroom and Lentil Curry together today and we had a fun date in the kitchen. It felt a little bit like taking a cooking class since the recipes were a bit more involved than anything we typically cook together. Nick is great in the kitchen (me not so much) but we both dread the grocery store trips so having everything delivered right to our door was quite fun. I try to meal plan most weeks but we don’t find time to go to the grocery store every week. Even when I make it to the grocery store, I find myself making the same old things every week because I hate spending money on small amounts of spices or things I’ll use only once.

Use the code Queen35 to try out Hello Fresh and get $35 off of your first order.

A few things I loved about Hello Fresh:

  • fresh produce from local sources (farm to table!)
  •  pre measured ingredients and everything was included
  • you don’t need to be home to accept the delivery– the ingredients are fine in the box for 24 hrs
  • no food wasted
  • box options include family size, veggie box, or classic (for meat eaters)
  • there was enough leftovers for lunch the next day
  • interesting recipes and they were delicious

I would definitely try this again especially when I know I have a busy week coming up. I’m a fan of anything that frees up more of my time to create art. Thank you to Hello Fresh for sponsoring this blog post and helping make this blog possible.



  1. BeingZhenya says:

    Looks delicious! I love cooking at home, but going out is fun too!

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