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I’m on a million deadlines right now but I’m fairly certain I will get snowed in at the Starbucks I’m posted up at right now so I will have plenty of time to sketch. There is something about watching a blizzard in April that just makes my mind at peace. I can’t control it so I’m going to find a way to like it.

I had good vibes going this week. They were vibes of light pink and mint. I’m racing against the clock right now because I have a summer photo shoot coming up in a few weeks and I’m popping up (I don’t even know how to do a pop up shop but I’m definitely going to do it well) in May with some other shops. Basically I need to get my collections together and that is always a panic attack for me. My strategy is make at least one thing for the collection a day and panic later. The creative part of my mind moves about a million miles a minute and I have to try and keep up.

Today I did it all. I’ve been going since 9 am and I probably won’t stop until around 11ish but since I started my part time job this week, I only have so much time to work. That works out for me much better when I have a scheduled window of time to get things done. It also works out well for my bank account. I was failing at time management when I could do art whenever I felt like it. I’m figuring this thing out little by little and I have accepted the fact that there will be about 5 failures a day but the victories outweigh whatever I screw up. At the end of the day, I’m so glad I chose this, made this, am doing this with my life. I wake up and I see my dream. I can almost grab it but it’s just out of reach. That just drives me absolutely crazy which is why I feel like I’m going insane some days.

Lastly, I wanted to thank everyone for the support on my last post. It truly meant the world to me that some of  you would take the time to share your struggles and encourage me. Sometimes I have a battle going on in my mind but you must have sent me good vibes because I am currently finding peace. I hope I can pay your kindness forward.

1// doodlin’ as always

2// practicing my painting skills. I used to hate painting. My feelings have changed quite drastically.

3// Hashtag that

4// Hurdling at St. Thomas. I still got it.

5// Quote this.

6// Friday coffee runs.

7// I’ve been hanging out at the Northeast Spyhouse coffee. I highly recommend this place.

8// Pattern mixing for breakfast. Convincing myself that donut holes are healthier than donuts…not if you eat 10 though.

9// I went back to work and I didn’t look bad.

10// Morning inspiration…and cookies for breakfast.

11// Saturday shopping.

12// Discovered favorite sign ever.

13// City.

14// I own a computer. OMG finally.



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