Pink Friday


This past Friday was my launch party and what a pink friday it was! I had been looking forward to this day since mid July when I thought, “if I’m really going to open this shop, we are definitely throwing a party!” I mean would you expect anything less?! It was beyond perfect. I know I say this all of the time but I really can’t get over the support I have received from my friends and family over the past four months while I have decided to pursue my art. Not only those I love, but absolute strangers as well. I recently spoke to a mentor of mine and she shared these words of support for me “Work-life balance is a false choice. It’s all life.” What an amazing realization that is when you find the truth in those words.

Quick Update

::1:: Emily and Josh. Emily is one of my best friends and her boyfriend Josh commissioned this piece. It is one of my favorites to date.

::2:: I finally made some time for fun. Prepping for a night out with my favorite person.

::3:: Photo credit Dallas Shaw (her insta is one of the best there is @dallasshaw… she also happens to be a fashion illustrator) There are too many things in this picture that I adore, coffee, pink and a Beyoncé lyric. Being my own boss is the ultimate goal for me.

::4:: I discovered the most fab boutique in Northeast Minneapolis called Parc Boutique last week. I scored some incredible fall pieces including this beanie and chunky sweater. The best part is you can find all of their amazing clothes online as well as in store. Check them out. I’m sure I’ll be illustrating some of my favorite items from this boutique as well.

::5:: Party favor table, sparkly qk, business cards and pretty pink and white flowers for my guests.

::6:: Pink cookies of course.

::7:: The lovely dessert buffet.

::8:: My amazing mother and business partner who threw the launch party for me.

::9:: A new print that will be in the shop with the next round of illustrations. I have some pretty packaging in the works for this one.

::10:: Cake pops, lemon bars, mini cheesecakes and mini donuts.

::11:: Donuts for days. A huge thank you to my amazing sister-in-law and her grandma who made this beautiful mound of donuts. Half of the donuts were glazed in cinnamon and sugar and the others were chocolate glazed with pink sprinkles. How perfect??

::12:: Polka dot cake pops that melted in your mouth. You can find the recipe here.

As always, thank you for stopping by my blog!



  1. so fun! i love parc, it is so cute!

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