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I found this on one of my favorite blogs honeebeeblog.com who found it on the blog that stole my heart a few years ago thedaybookblog.com. Go check out both of those fab ladies.

Making: My Fall collection and a sweet little paper banner for my party.
Cooking: Nothing. The kitchen and I don’t get along.
Drinking: Starbucks Venti Iced Caramel Macchiato. My addiction.
Reading: In Touch Magazine. I have a soft spot for celeb gossip (horrible, I know).
Wanting: A leather portfolio from this Etsy shop (a girl can dream right?!)
Looking: at all of the amazing artwork in the handmade shop I work in.
Playing: Lana Del Ray Pandora Radio. I highly recommend it.
Wasting: time catching up on all of my favorite blogs. Although to me, that is not time wasted at all.
Pinning: Feathers, giraffes and circus illustrations. Anything you see me pinning serves as inspiration for my next illustration!
Wishing: I didn’t work quite so often.
Enjoying: the fall weather.
Waiting: for my launch party this coming Friday.
Liking: that my hometown friends (Eagan, MN) are such a support system for my business venture.
Wondering: where this illustration journey will take me next.
Loving: Grunge style. If you don’t know what this is you can see it illustrated in most of my drawings or this explanation by MSP mag pinpoints my style exactly. (thanks to my best friend Hayley who works at Msp for bringing this to my attention)
Hoping: I can meet all of my deadlines.
Marvelling: over how much my art has reconnected me with people and how many amazing conversations and opportunities have resulted because of it.
Needing: some more fun in my life.
Smelling: all of the handmade soaps in the shop.
Wearing: my fall uniform. Riding boots, oversized sweater, Lulu leggings and knee-high socks. Letting my hair go natural and sporting a pink pout as always (thanks to NARS).
Following: many new handmade businesses. Trying to join the community and make connections.
Noticing: How my style has changed.
Knowing: that I am going to be okay without a “real” job for quite some time.
Thinking: about my business constantly. It is a blessing and a curse.
Bookmarking: so many Etsy shops.
Opening: my mind to the path less traveled. It is a constant battle for me.
Giggling: about how much life has changed in the past three months.
Feeling: very blessed.



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