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Have you ever wondered what it’s like working with a brand designer? The custom design process can be quite involved so today I’m breaking down my Signature Artful Brand Design process step by step so you can get an idea of what the experience is like. From brand strategy to launch and everything in between…

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Brand Strategy

My process always starts with strategy so we can ensure we’re making design decisions that will help reach your unique business goals. Together, we’ll take a deep dive into your brand strategy and create a plan for how we can bring that strategy to life through design decisions that will support the vision you have for your business and attract your ideal client. During our one hour brand strategy call, we’ll dig deep into your why statement, mission, vision, brand voice guide, and ideal client survey together and from there, I’ll come up with a solid direction for our branding work.


Direction Board

Below is a sample direction board from one of my branding projects. Pulling together one strong concept in the form of a direction board allows the designer and client to get on the same page so we both have an understanding about where the concept is headed before any design work is started. This allows the designer to understand what the client gravitates towards and if there’s anything on the board the client isn’t loving, it just gets thrown out- saving us tons of back and forth on revisions. Read more about my Direction Board Process here.


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Brand Development

This is where the magic happens! Now that we’ve done all of the important pre-design work, it’s time to dive in to creating the actual branding. During the brand development process, we’ll design a main logo, alternate logo, submark, color palette, select fonts, and pull brand photography inspiration. Once the style guide is approved, we’ll export all of your different brand files (PDF, JPG, PNG) and deliver them via dropbox in organized subfolders. View our featured projects here.


Print Design Process

Print design is one of my absolute favorite parts of the design process. From business cards to guide design, this step in the process can be custom quoted to fit your specific business needs and budget.


The Launch Phase

I fully believe in empowering my clients through the ENTIRE design process. That’s why our project scope will always include launch support and an education/implementation call. During our final wrap up call we’ll touch on launch strategies, website training questions, how to use your style guide/brand marks and equip you to successfully put your brand into action.


Are you are an entrepreneur with a desire to craft a brand that reflects the heart of your business and provides an unmatched experience for your dream clients? Do you want to live a “less but better” kind of life, and want that reflected in your brand? If you want a design that dreams wild, just like you do, then take this short, 2-minute quiz to find out if it’s time for a rebrand in your business!

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