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I’m feeling so negative and discouraged today. Not because anything happened but I’m just having one of those days where NOTHING, absolutely nothing is inspiring to me. As an artist, that’s pretty devastating- I’m serious. Maybe these are just some post vacation blues. Nothing quite brightens a designer’s mood like a new inspiration board. I’ve been so into gathering images lately and pulling my ideas together on digital mood boards. Here are some things I’m currently loving and what I have coming up.

  1. White feminine blouses tucked into high-waisted denim.

  2. Major design inspo– Loving this for a Mother’s Day card concept as well.

  3. Abstract color palette. Now I’m just trying to imagine how they would work together.

  4. I’m really missing my friends lately and haven’t seen them nearly enough. Coffee dates, wine nights, and a girls getaway are towards the top of my to-do list.

  5. This image is so striking, isn’t it? A coat is such an important wardrobe staple. It’s what everyone sees us wearing here in Minnesota for basically the next 5 months.

  6. Give me all the florals. I’m currently teaching myself how to design floral patterns in illustrator. I didn’t think it would be easy and it’s not, but that is exactly what I love about design. Endless options, details, and problem solving.

  7. I can’t decide what to do about my fashion illustration line. At this point, it either needs to be expanded or dropped. I just can’t seem to let go of it (or get myself to sit down and draw for 5 hours on end) so here is some holiday inspo I pulled.

  8. I NEED THIS SWEATER…and this view.

  9. Currently on the search for the perfect vintage pair of denim and I think I found them here.

I feel so thankful for this space when I’m uninspired. It is such a good place to come and just be.

Thanks for stopping by. xo,


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