An Intro to Capsule Wardrobes


building a capsule wardrobe

building a capsule wardrobe

My apartment is typically a mess and moving in with a significant other a few months ago just made it worse. Believe it or not, two messy people don’t cancel each other out. Slowly but surely, we are getting into a groove of cleaning the apartment on Sundays but one thing we can never seem to tackle is our clothes issue.

I’ve always had a clothes issue. There are just too many all over the place and getting dressed becomes an incredibly frustrating process of not knowing where anything is and I end up wearing the same thing over and over again. I’ve blogged a few different times about my interest in curating a wardrobe and buying less. The idea of a uniform really interests me. Now that I’m on a tight budget and trying to be more responsible with my money, I feel like this is the perfect time to scale back.

For those of you that don’t know what a capsule wardrobe is, I would start here if you’re interested in learning all of the details. I first heard about this idea from the blogger of un-fancy, Caroline. There’s a really great podcast about the whole concept of capsule wardrobes here (the Lively Show is the best by the way).

The why behind a capsule wardrobe is what captured me the most.

The idea is you pick 37 pieces (or a number you feel good about) of clothing, shoes and accessories for an entire season and you put all of your other clothes away. I just completed the first step of picking out the clothing items from my closet for my winter capsule and I already feel like my life is going to be so much easier knowing that I have a limited amount of items to choose from in the morning. It should be noted that I had everything on hand other than two items I added within the past week. You don’t have to go out and buy a new wardrobe for this. You can just purchase one or two items to fill in the gaps.

So back to the why. By pairing back my wardrobe and spending less money and less time shopping and getting dressed, I should be able to spend that time doing something that makes me happy. Simplifying is the name of the game here. My goal is to hone in my style and become a better shopper.

Until February 16th this is what my wardrobe will consist of…



Winter Capsule


  • Heavy Black Winter Coat

  • Tan Fringe Coat

  • Olive Green Utility Jacket

  • Light Blue Cocoon Coat


  • Mini Cross body

  • Tan Satchel


  • Black YS flats

  • Black Fringe Booties

  • Nike black tennies

  • Muk Fur Winter boots

  • Combat Boots


  • Black “workout” leggings

  • Black leather leggings

  • Joe’s Jeans black denim

  • Distressed boyfriend denim

  • Mother boyfriend denim

  • Denim skinnies


  • Chambray

  • Red Flannel

  • Oversized Flannel

  • Thermal

  • Oversized Black Felt Tunic

  • Grey Tee Shirt

  • White Tee Shirt

  • Black Tee Shirt

  • Cobalt Cropped Sweater

  • Underarmor Lounge Long Sleeve

  • White Sweater

  • Navy Tee Shirt

  • Black Wide leg Jumpsuit

Layering Pieces

  • Fur Vest

  • Patterned Blazer

  • Patterned Jacket

  • BB Dakota Vest

  • Express Cream Leather Jacket

  • Parc Boutique Pink Blazer


  • Blanket Scarf

37 is actually a lot more pieces than you would think. I had a hard time coming up with all 37. I went heavy on the tee shirts and layering pieces because I figured it can really change an entire outfit when you start layering. I’m not really an accessory gal so two handbags and a scarf is more than enough for me. I’m hoping to update my blog with some visuals of the mixing and matching of the outfits that can be made with these 37 pieces so come back soon to see how my winter capsule is going.



If you have no idea where to start. Here is a visual for you.

As always, thanks for reading!



  1. lesli says:

    Love this idea so much! I need to try! My closet is a disaster…..I have waaaay too many clothes!

    • ryanmkatie says:

      I’m the same way. My closet is just overflowing with things I never wear. It’s been very freeing in the first week to have a limited amount to choose from when getting dressed but the downside is there is you have to do laundry WAY more frequently WOMP WOMP.

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