Spring Uniform
This spring I’m trying to shop smarter. I have been going through my closet the past few months and getting rid of things and trying to figure out what my uniform is. I’m such a shopper but I have found that when I purchase $30 trendy items on a whim, I wear them once, they take up room in my closet and I end up getting rid of them the next season. I would rather invest a little bit more and be able to wear a piece of clothing over and over again because it goes with everything and I absolutely love it.

Above are my must-haves for spring. The palette I’m gravitating towards is very neutral so that multiple outfits can be made from any one item and they don’t go out of style after one season. I linked a few of them below as examples but many of the items I just grabbed because they were the first example I found. You can find so many of these must-haves at a high quality for cheaper or by shopping consignment, which I highly recommend.

So from these 14 items, many of which you already have in your closet, you can make at least nine different outfits. I’m totally into the re-wearing similar outfits thing so if you are too, keep reading on how I paired these items together. (Note* the joggers and the black pants.)

1. White tee, loafer, jeans and the fedora.
2. Jeans, white tee and Nikes.
3. Black blouse, joggers and loafers.
4. Chambray, joggers and loafers.
5. Chambray, fedora, skirt and loafers.

6. Black blouse, skirt and Nikes.
7. Blazer, white tee, skirt and loafers.
8. Black blouse, jeans and booties.
9. White tee, joggers and Nikes.
10. Chambray, jeans, blazer and booties.

I would then add either the bucket bag or cross body depending on how casual the outfit was and throw the trench over the look to pull it together. I love wearing my Nikes with skirts so if you’re not into that, just grab a pair of black loafers or flat ankle booties instead.

I’ve already picked up a lot of these items and pairing them together is so easy. Happy Spring!



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