Fair Goers


We went to the fair this weekend and it was just about the best day ever. Ya know those days where you’re thinking to yourself, “don’t end, don’t end” but you know it’s going to end so you try to suck every second of it up?…That was the entire Labor Day weekend for us. We decided that this weekend we would splurge because it was a holiday weekend and we both had significant time off, which never happens for us. Typically one or both of us is working a Saturday and occasionally I’m working for a bit on Sunday at one of my three jobs but not this weekend. My Etsy shop turned one this weekend so we had all the more reason to celebrate.

I’m not a very good fair goer. In years past, I’ve lasted about two hours and called it a day. You see, at the Minnesota State Fair, that’s just a sin because you have to at least stretch your trip out to eat two meals while you’re there (or at least pretend it’s an acceptable amount of time to eat 2 meals). So we did just that. It went like this: gyros, cheese curds, pronto pups, ice cream, fresh squeezed lemonade, and deep fried candy bars. The best part about it is we left the fair, took a nap and proceeded to go to all you can eat sushi…I mean, we were going for it.


Naturally, I’m a huge fan of the horse barn so we did a mini photo shoot while we were there. The majority of the barn was empty and you could say I was most definitely dreaming about my future life of having stables at my own farm. It was a moment of pure happiness.

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I decided this stand and I were more than just friends. “Would you like a regular or a papa pronto?” BOTH! When we had clocked about three and a half hours at the fair, we needed a break so we went on the sky ride. All of the gondolas are painted different colors except one painted as a cow. I instantly turned into a five year old when we got the cow gondola, jumping up and down and completely making a scene in front of the whole line. We climbed into the cow and they rang the bell on the back and I think my heart exploded with joy. Obviously we took oodles of photos while riding in the cow painted gondola. Now I think I would like to paint my car like a cow, it would just make me happy. Until next year state fair, thanks for the laughs and excess pounds…we love you.



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Photos by laura rae photography & grace k beck