I haven’t had much to say lately and I think it’s because I’m too busy constantly thinking about this stationary dream I have. It is truly where my mind wanders when I’m day dreaming. It has been my goal since the second I started my company of face-less fashionistas. I think I can do it but I’m not sure. I’m not sure if I have the tools to design for a letterpress, I definitely don’t have a letterpress, and I don’t have a lot of money but I do have ideas.

It starts with one step at a time. Get my first card printed, put it in the shop and go from there. I can do this…Right?

Anywyay, that is the direction that I am headed. In the mean time, I am finishing up the last few custom pieces I took on slowly but surely. I’m planning out what I want this stationary line to look like. I’m thinking I want it to have a Garance Dore (if you’re unfamiliar with her work, she just collaborated with Rifle Paper for a stationary line, if you’re unfamiliar with Rifle Paper…well…no comment) vibe so I can stay close to my roots of fashion illustration but also have lettering in the mix as well. I think her work is perfect inspiration for this line. I also want to have some acrylic paintings mixed in possibly with lettering layered on top. (And this is my version of a business plan LOL.) Just in case I change my mind (I do just about every other day), I don’t want anything written in stone…just kidding, I just don’t want to write a business plan. I am hoping to come out with my first letter pressed card by August 31st. If I can open an Etsy shop in three months (last summer) I sure as hell better be able to come out with one card in that amount of time. It is much more complicated than it seems, mainly because I’m on that artist’s budget. Above is some inspiration for the line.

I will continue to draw my faceless fashion illustrations here and there because I absolutely have an attachment to them at this point but I am no longer taking on custom illustrations at this point. So the faceless divas will be drawings of my own choice and prints will go in the shop, which is what I originally fell in love doing. I fought with this decision a few times, if you can remember a few months back I said I was going to stop taking them but then went against that decision. The custom illustrations were getting in the way of my happiness because I stress so much about them turning out perfect for the client and they end up being way too time consuming. That is not what art is about to me. I think it should be true expression of emotion. I sincerely thank everyone who commissioned a piece because you were nothing but amazing to me.

Right now I hope to add a ton of designs to my iPad and iPhone cases because I love to do that. Painting is something I’m going to focus on as well because it is an outlet for me and paintings make beautiful products (tote bags, shower curtains, rugs, all for society6). I plan to be adding to all of my shops in the next 3 months while I chase after this other dream. For any of you who have been so kind to me and listened to me blab about this dream and said, “Let’s make this happen” I love you, really I do. You must have seen my eyes lit up.

Okay, I think that post was more for me than you, unless you seriously follow my work. I do get asked quite a bit what my plan is though, so there you go. Pictured above is inspiration with some of my artwork mixed in (this is my favorite way to make a mood board because you can see if you are fitting in with your inspiration or if you’re missing. It’s a fabulous little trick that I used with my spring line too. If your art sticks out too much you need to shift it a bit to meet your vision or add a piece that pulls the collection together).



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