The First Week


The first week of freelancing was good. I think… That is me practicing more positive self talk. I’m going to do some things differently going forward, but I did some great things this week.

I spent the beginning of the week on cloud nine because I couldn’t actually believe it was happening. I kicked myself mid-week because I worked on everything that I wasn’t supposed to be doing. I didn’t work very much at all towards the end of the week because my best friend was in town and now I’m back at it all weekend. I slept in most days and worked until 1 am most nights. It totally works for me and that is the beauty of freelancing right there.

I wasn’t very focused in general and that is what I will leave it at because I’m really good at criticizing myself but that is not what I need right now. I need to be my own cheerleader. I’ve already figured out that this is going to be a HUGE mind game for me. My workspace is around the corner from my room with a bed that tempts me all the time. My office is the kitchen table and there is a fridge right behind me. My inspiration board is the biggest wall in my room and I literally wake up staring at my job. I love it that my work is my life. I love that I have created this for myself but there is literally no reason for me to leave my apartment other than to print or ship and that is not going to work for me. I also feel like I can’t relax ever because my home is my work environment and I always feel like I should be doing something.

You know what is great though? Eventually I will have my own studio and this will all be so beyond worth it. It already is worth it to me in so many ways. This week I found out that I will be a contributor to Zooey Magazine, a magazine that focuses on empowering women. I am SO EXCITED. What a great thing for my company to be a part of. Not to mention that this magazine is available at Barnes and Noble! I will probably buy every copy on the stand… Don’t worry, I already celebrated this victory. I also wholesaled (is that a word?) my phone cases to one of my favorite companies!! Yay for big and small steps in the right direction.

1// My inspiration wall

2// Coffee date with a new blogging friend

3// Designing a print

4// Stopped by my favorite boutique

5// A logo I designed on Mindy Mae’s Market jewelry boxes!

6// Inspo wall

7// Going for it.

8// Designing phone cases

9// Inspiration, inspiration and more inspiration

10// Brunching

11// Morning studies

12// On that commission grind all day everyday.




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