Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


I illustrated my Valentine’s gift guide because sometimes I need a break from the projects I get paid for. When I’m drawing for fun, I’ve definitely noticed that I have a much more free and doodle-y style than my typical clean, tight drawing style. Here are my picks (these work for your girlfriend or your best friend, I’m all about giving my single friends gifts on V-day because I am SO SINGLE myself)

1// Beyonce CD. This isn’t her typical album. She stepped up her game and made it ten times better than usual. It has been on repeat for weeks now over here. I suggest buying the whole album because it strings together so nicely and it truly is a piece of art. Not to mention, the album is clearly about female empowerment. If you don’t want to buy the whole album and just download a few, here are the must have tracks:

Drunk in Love (typical Beyonce track) Flawless. Heaven (arguably the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard) Jealous. Pretty Hurts. XO.

2// This Love Your Melon beanie. They are a buy one, give one company that originated at my alma mater, the University of St. Thomas. They just left on their journey across the country to visit University campuses and hospitals to donate hats to cancer patients. Talk about an amazing cause. Go support them.

3// These Cuyana travel pouches that are currently sold out. I’ve been lusting over them for awhile and all of their other amazing bags.

4// This HUSTLE pouch by Shop White Rabbit. I think this would be so adorable for carrying lipstick, my colored pencils or really any little accessories!

5// Lemons and Lace handmade headbands. This company was one of the first to repost my drawing so naturally I have a HUGE soft spot for them. Since starting my business, I appreciate handmade items so much more because they truly are made with so much love, passion and it takes a lot of hustle to do what these handmade companies do.

6// Studio Mucci tassel garland. I have two hanging in my room that just stay up but these are great for birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, nurseries and if you’re having a Valentine’s Day party, this one is a must.

7// NARS lip pencils in every shade. Available at Sephora.

8// Anthropology Volcano candle. It’s by far my favorite candle ever and it lasts for such a long time. (fun side note, Anthro liked this gift guide on Instagram, so they approve!)

9// Last but not least, my little Abbey greeting card or illustration would be the perfect little Valentine’s gift. Get her here.



  1. KiKiMac says:

    this is SO cute! vday is my favorite. i’ve blogged about it so much lately, i’m sure i’m driving people crazy! just found you via IG tonight, and I looove your illustrations! i’d love to have you do a custom header for me. still thinking of what i want though! xx

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