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If my shop had a gender, it would be a girl. So my theme for the launch party is pink everything with some polka dots here and there. Therefore, this weekend was filled with all kinds of party planning and crafting to get ready for the big celebration.

This DIY (do it yourself) is the easiest little project and inexpensive too! Since being on Etsy, I have seen all kinds of fun projects I want to try making myself and these garlands are very popular right now. I love this project because I will be able to get so much use out of it. It will hang behind the buffet of desserts at my party but I will eventually use it at art fairs in my booth and it could be great for throwing baby showers sometime in the future too.

DIY Garland

::1:: Pick out some cute fabrics. We went to Jo-Ann Fabrics and chose 11 different patterns of pink and bought 1/3 yd of each.

::2:: It’s best to pick out fabrics that have similar colors in them but different looking patterns.

::3:: We also chose tulle because we wanted the garland to have some variety to the texture.

::4:: Cut the fabric into strips. We cut ours thicker and longer but you can do tiny little short strips. It all depends on the look you are going for. Mixing up the strips to be different lengths is fun too.

::5:: Iron the strips of fabric.

::6:: Arrange the fabrics in an order that you like. We did ours completely random and just tried to space out the lighter and darker fabrics along the rope and then randomly mix in some strips of tulle.

::7:: Cut some rope to the desired length. We used about 10 yards of rope and spaced the fabric out.

::8:: Tie the fabric along the rope. We varied the way we tied the fabrics as well. Some were folded in half and then tied and others were tied just at the very top of the fabric (as pictured).

::9:: Tie onto rope.

::10:: Hang the finished garland! We put two tiny nails up to hang the garland across the middle of the window and wrapped to rope around it, but there are many ways to hang the garland.

This was so easy although I have a confession…my Mom did most of the prep work for this project while I was drawing. I contributed by going on the ice cream run while she was ironing!!

Here are a few different ways to hang your new garland!

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