1 Week…Hopefully


I am down to 1 week until my Etsy shop launches…if all goes well. There have been a few speed bumps lately with life getting quite a bit busier and a little strep throat slowing me down this weekend. Hopefully I can still meet this goal I have set for myself, but if not, I will come very close. I feel so incredibly fortunate to have been able to focus on my art the entire summer with few distractions. As I look back, I have a piece of art to measure each week of the summer and that seems very special to me.

I have a ton of projects on my plate right now and it seems a bit overwhelming but mostly exciting. Including a collaboration in progress with a fashion blogger who reached out to me. One of my friends connected her with me, but it is always exciting to me when people I don’t know are interested in my work. I also have agreed to provide a few illustrations for a book that is being written right now, so that is an ongoing project as well that includes a lot of brainstorming and sketching.

I finalized my logo choices last week. I had an absolute blast working with Jenna. You can see a bit of the design process above. I honestly had a hard time deciding because they were all so amazing. After carefully thinking about it, I set the designs aside and then picked the one that jumped out to me every time I looked at them. It fits my brand perfectly and I’m so happy with the final product. I did a little sketch of Jenna in return that you can see above as well. This Tuesday I have a photo shoot for my Etsy shop which is the last big step before I click “open shop.” What a moment that will be for me. I’ll probably cry! Lastly, I’m planning my launch party that my mom has agreed to host. So far it sounds like there will be a lot of pink involved…



Oh, I almost forgot. My art will be displayed at Royal Grounds Coffee in Minneapolis from November to December. I think I will be having all of my coffee dates there and a special celebratory party for anyone who wants to check out the cute coffee shop and my art!!

  1. Yvonne Mullen says:

    Love reading about your progress . I’ll buy coffee at your little coffee shop. What fun for all of us to follow you. Happiness . Yvonne

    • ryanmkatie says:

      Thanks for following along. It has been quite the amazing journey in just three months. Can’t wait to see what comes next. It looks like my Etsy shop will be open this Saturday after all.


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