Here is a long overdue update on the progress I have been making on my collection. I feel like I barely get anything done in a day but sometimes you just have to pause and look back for a second to realize how much really has been accomplished. I added a few lovelies to the collection (Liv and Cara). They will be sold as prints and 5×7 notecards. I decided to move away from the watercolor background for them since it doesn’t transfer over to a print well. The colorful ladies will still be available in prints and greeting cards.

I finally made a decision on packaging (for now). Pink polka dots it is. I asked some friends of mine and they know how obsessed I am with pink and polka dots, so it was only fitting. I think I solved my printing dilemma as well…believe it or not Kinkos has the best color contrary to popular belief. So Kinkos it is until I find a better solution.

Last but certainly not least, my sister-in-law surprised me with the most thoughtful gift of a decorated studio when I came home from a road trip. She hung all of my pieces up with clothes pins and wire on the walls surrounding my desk and a giant cork board. It was a dream come true for me and I LOVE IT!

Be creative today!!



  1. Yvonne says:

    LOve all your color choices, Fun to watch your work.

    • ryanmkatie says:

      Thank you Yvonne!! Isn’t it nice what Tara did for me?! She has a heart of gold to make such a special space for me to work in and share her home with me!! So inspiring!

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