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Forget everything you think you know about templates. It's time to utilize the power of done-for-you design combined with the expertise of a seasoned designer to tailor your website to perfection.

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Ashley Ferreira Design Fete Events Template

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how this works


Brand Consultation

We'll meet to discuss your vision for your online presence — who you want to attract, what you value, how you want your website to feel, and ensure that a template customization is a great fit for your brand / what custom elements, if any, would be required to end up with a finished product that makes you excited to show up online.

Select A Template

We'll work together to choose the template that most closely represents the website your brand's been dreaming about. Can't decide? No problem. We've curated a selection of our favorites, and have experience knowing how to customize any design to fit your style. 

Customize + Tailor

After our kickoff call, where you'll provide me with images, content and anything else we'll need for success, over a period of 6-10 weeks, we'll work closely to transform your template into something much, much more — a powerful, stunning tool for your brand and business.

Launch in no Time!

One of the great things about starting with a template? The entire process is expedited. Our template customization projects typically proceed in a timeframe of 6-10 weeks from initiation. Launch the site you can't wait to show off and get back to doing what you love most. 👌🏼

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“I can't believe how seamless, easy, and beautiful this process has been.”

— megan welker

“I've loved my experiences with you Katie! Highly recommended and I almost feel like I need to find another project for you to work on!”

— christy record

“I wasn't sure a template was the right choice for me, but wow, the end result feels so custom!”

— client name

“I'm seriously so impressed. Not just with the brand, but with your customer service and process too!”


A tangible baseline

Templates are already designed & programmed to perfection, built with pages and pages of stunning, customizable sections. Because we can see what's available, we can easily edit, refine, and make changes.

Benefits of Starting with a Template vs. Custom Design

acCelerated timeline

Because we're tailoring a template rather than starting from scratch, the timeframe can be cut down significantly. While custom sites with my studio typically take between 4-6 months, a template customization can cut that timeline in half. 

Proven framework 

TONIC's templates are my favorite in the industry because their strategy is second to none — they're designed with a proven sales strategy and built to convert. 


Browse the Before  + Afters




Visual person? Need to see the full makeover? No problem. here's a sampling of few of our favorite template tailoring transformations.







A template customization might be right for you if:

You're a visual person who know what you love most when you see it.

You want an elevated, customizable site that you can control and edit yourself in the future.

You like having the framework of a template, but want it to feel tailored specifically to your brand.

You like the idea of starting from a template, but want someone to customize it for you.

You have a somewhat simple site in mind, not 15+ pages or e-commerce needs.

You want a premium, stunning website design at a fraction of the cost.

Meet Your Brand Artist
I'll Let You in on my Secret Weapon.

Sites that look designer — without the designer price tag

We'll fully customize your template from top to bottom while infusing our strategic approach every step of the way ensuring your new site is designed to convert. With a mid range budget, a custom look & feel, plus the results to back it up, what's not to love?!

If you're not sure what a website can change for your business, the results you're going to get from a TONIC template are honestly mindblowing.

If you need support with your site, not only will our team be available, Showit and TONIC's incredible support team is on call for life! 

Created by a team that cares

built to get to *work* for you

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all! We start with our signature artful branding experience and create a strategically positioned, custom brand identity for your business. During the website phase of your project, we'll fully customize your template from top to bottom while infusing our strategic approach every step of the way ensuring your new site is on brand and designed to convert. This allows your site experience to have a custom look & feel, without the 5 figure price tag of our fully custom projects.

Wait, so I'd be starting with a template? Does that mean my site will look like everyone else's?


In order to guarantee the best results for our clients, we only design websites with business owners who have walked through our brand strategy process. If you have an existing brand & website in place, we can still work together through a maintenance day.

Can you customize a template with my existing brand?


Here are a few of our favorite templates.
Tonic Site Shop Templates: Clover Club, Martini, Bisou, Sidecar, Vesper, Lita Grey
Ashley Ferreira Design: Florence, Provence, Fete Events, Carolina
Davey & Krista: Isle of Iona, Alys Beach, Isle of Palms, La Pelosa, East Hampton
Foil and Ink: Headliner, Love & Vows
Saffron Avenue: Palma

Which templates do you recommend?


No, I am not a copywriter and I like to focus on what I do best which is design. During our project together, you’ll receive a complimentary website copywriting guide if you plan to write your own copy. If you’d like to work with a copywriter, I can point you in the right direction of copywriters and resources I highly recommend at the beginning of our project.

Do you write my website copy for me?


Our template customization services start at 4.5k for a 5 page site (not including a blog). Interested in receiving a custom quote for your project? Book a discovery call here.

What is the investment?





We would love to be your creative partner in this new phase of business. Together we can uncover the direction, clarity, positioning, and identity to bring your brand to the next level.


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